Good Friday procession

In the procession, also called “the dead Christ procession”, there are quite an hundred of “confratelli” that wear the traditional red gown, symbol of the charity flame, adorned by the white “soggolo” (a cloth that comes down from the neck on the chest) of Spanish derivation and by a “placca” (a locket) smaller or bigger according to the importance of the person. The procession starts from the SS. Trinity Church at sunset and it is preceded by a band that plays famous funeral march.

The long procession walks in the principal street of the town and everyone has a precise place. In the begin there are the lamps and in the middle there is the “tronco”, a big cross covered by red velvet and silver decorations. Behind there are the lamps that proceed in couple along the sides of the street, then there is a group of children with the passion symbols.

They are followed by the choir, composed by 120 singer divided in tenori, baritoni and bassi that sing the different types of Miserere: it is one of the most spectacular parts of the procession, so the roles of the singer are the most coveted.