The Madonna running in square

From the ancient medieval Santa Maria della Tomba Church starts the procession with resurrected Christ, St. John and St. Peter statues. Resurrected Christ statue stops under the central arch of the ancient aqueduct, while St. John and St. Peter statues go on slowly towards St. Philiph Church, where there is the mournful Madonna statue closed insideā€¦

When the door of the church is opened, the two Apostles announce the good notice to the Madonna, who, worn mourning, goes incredulous outside the church and goes towards the zone near the fountain, followed at a certain distance by the two saints.

Arrived in this zone, the Madonna sees resurrected Christ, takes off her mournful dress, showing a beautiful green dress and runs towards her son. The scene is accompanied by the flight of some doves and in the end of the run some firecrackers explode while the band plays melodies.